Frequently Asked Questions

what is the difference between a planner, coordinator, designer, and stylist? 

Planners plan the wedding, handling things like booking vendors and planning the menus. Coordinators handle the last minute coordination of the details, such as confirming vendors, scheduling deliveries, and creating /managing timelines. Designers focus on the production of your event space with the layout, lighting, rentals, and making sure it all flows and looks cohesive. Stylists make sure all of the details are styled in an aesthetically pleasing way the day of your event, doing things like creating the escort card display and styling the stationery for the photographer to get great detail shots.


do I really need a planner?

ABSOLUTELY. Planning, designing, and executing a flawless event is a full time job. With a busy career and personal life, adding on the duties of planning a wedding can be difficult. Most of our clients hire us because they don't have the much-needed extra time in their daily lives to commit to the demands of planning their wedding day on their own. Regardless of size, every event requires design, management, coordination, and execution, and while everyone has a friend or family member who has likely helped with an event at some point, we strongly recommend avoiding the temptation to enlist their help in your wedding day.  Having someone without professional experience in charge of such an important day often leads to unnecessary stress and problems, for both you and them. (There are no do overs on your wedding day!) So what makes CSE capable of handling this if your friends and family aren't? We are trained professionals with many years of experience of calmly and successfully handling the demands and pressures of planning and managing such an important day. We know all about the stresses and situations that come up on wedding days, how to plan for them, and how to manage them. We handle all of the details that haven't (and my never) cross your mind, helping you avoid costly mistakes and hours of wasted time. But more than that, we can provide you with peace of mind, allowing you, your family, and your friends to enjoy a completely stress-free and memorable event, from sipping mimosas with your girls in the morning to your fabulous exit at the end of the night.


will you work with vendors i've already found?

Absolutely! I am always excited to work with new vendors and new spaces!


do you work with clients who live out of town?

All the time! We are able to cover all of the in-person details with a few packed in-person planning days based on your schedule, with everything else done via email, Skype, and phone calls. 


do you take more than one event per weekend?

Absolutely not. It is so important to me that you receive the most intentional, undivided attention possible on your big day. You deserve nothing less! YOU are our only focus during your wedding weekend.


do you provide assistance in coming up with colors, theme, or bridal party attire?

Absolutely! This is all part of the design process for our full service couples. I work with you from start to finish on every aspect of your event. Based on your vision, I will create an initial color / inspiration board, which is then turned into a full design plan. I help you visualize what place settings will look like, create a floral board, visualize what different bridesmaid dresses would look like together, and so much more! You can read a bit more about our process on our Approach page, and we will discuss it in depth at your consultation.


do you plan other weekend events in conjunction with the wedding?

Yes, I can definitely work with you to pull together your entire weekend's worth of events. From the bridesmaids' luncheon to the rehearsal dinner to the post-wedding brunch (and even making sure the guys bury the bourbon a month before!), I often assist with one or more of the events surrounding your big day. Most of my clients do have me manage their entire weekend's worth of events so they can have the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly and completely unwind and enjoy the weekend in its entirety. This is all dependent on your needs and is something we will discuss in further detail during our kickoff meeting.


do you offer day of coordination?

We do offer event management (what some refer to as "day of" or "month of" coordination).

what budgets do you work with?

Most CSE couples have a budget of at least $35,000, but we welcome celebrations of all shapes and sizes. It's extremely important to me that your wedding is based upon your specific needs, so let's start with an email or a phone call to see if our services are a right fit for you and your budget!


what will my overall investment be?

I absolutely believe that your wedding day is 100% unique to you and your story. No two couples or events are ever the same. Even if I have worked at your venue many times, your vision, setup, design plan, and vendor team will likely be very different than any previous events there. Because one size does not fit all, we custom tailor our offerings to work with your specific needs. You can read more about our Offerings and contact us to further discuss your needs. We're happy to help you determine what options best accommodate your needs.


do you have a payment plan?

All of our contracts require a retainer due upon signing, with the remaining balance due 30 days prior to the event. For our full service and design couples, we do have additional payment options that will be discussed at the initial consultation.


i have some questions that weren't covered here. can i call you?

Of course! You can contact me whenever you're ready and I will be happy to provide you with any additional information you need.


this sounds so great! how do we get started?

The first step is to contact us and let us know your wedding date. We will get back to you (generally within 24 hours) to set up your complimentary initial consultation and go from there!